Natural Ice Creams At Your Neighbourhood


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Milda Natural

Milda Naturals is a premium ice cream brand at your Neighbourhood in Chennai. Started with the objective of providing customers authentic ice creams with real fruit flavors, Milda serves ice creams across various flavors. Our customers love our tender coconut, green chilly, chikoo (Sapota), musk melon, Green apple, and jackfruit. Experience 30+ varieties of ice creams exculsive at Milda Naturals – Fruits that will mesmerize your not just for the taste but for the authenticity that it provides.


We have mesmerizing flavors with no artificial colors and preservatives. 
Feel the sensation of our unique flavors inspired from exotic places across the globe From Tender coconut to Green chilly, Milda is excited to have authentic falvors on board! Life is short! Hence its time to have desserts first!

Experience Natural Flavours

47, F Block, Ground Floor, 1st Main Road, Anna Nagar East, Chennai
Chennai, India






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